Examples of My Work

Here are some web sites I developed or enhanced. Please click on the images to visit the sites.


I designed and implemented this site for a Bed and Breakfast company. It is based on WordPress with the Suffusion theme. I incorporated easyReservations – a sophisticated commercial plugin for WordPress that allows online customers to reserve rooms and extras, and make payments from their browser. Payments may be made by PayPal or credit card and are processed securely through the PayPal gateway.

Tom Berthold Work Example - Longview Farms
I created this site for a commercial client who produces and sells artisan goat’s milk soaps. It is based on WordPress with the Suffusion theme, and features the eShop shopping cart plugin for WordPress. The beautiful fonts come from Google Web Fonts

tom berthold programming PHP inventory
This is a PHP/MySQL inventory application I wrote using the amazing Yii Framework.  I designed the database with three tables – Locations, Modules, and Units.  Yii Framework automatically generated much of the generic code and I made the necessary customizations.  Yii makes jobs like this go very quickly.  This is a demonstration copy of a real application I developed for a commercial client.  Feel free to log in to the demo and create some data.  Use username:”admin” password:”admin”.

I built this website for a Bluegrass musical group. It’s based on WordPress and features a shopping cart for online album and t-shirt sales. It also has a built in audio player so visitors can play samples of album tracks.

I designed this website for an attorney in Ava, Missouri. It’s styled with Artisteer and powered by WordPress. I used Photoshop to remove the background from his photograph so he appears to be a part of the website. I also used a WordPress plugin called “Google Fonts” which allow the site to use Google’s free service to add high quality fonts. See the attractive links in a cursive script on the left side bar? They aren’t graphics. They’re dynamically loaded fonts provided by our friends at Google!

This is a commercial site I developed from an HTML template. I wrote custom Javascript to perform the form validation. For example:

  • Credit card information is validated. If you type in numbers for a Visa card and you have selected Mastercard it will say “The credit card number you have entered appears to be for Visa, not MasterCard”
  • Phone numbers must be numeric, and after typing in the first 3 digits of a phone number the cursor automatically jumps to the next phone field.
  • Zip-codes, and email addresses are also fully validated.
  • If the user selects “use billing” for their physical address it pulls the associated billing address fields across.

I enhanced this official site for the Wright County Clerk to allow the clerk’s office staff to manage their candidate data and election results without programmer involvement. They simply maintain their election data and results in an Excel spreadsheet, and when they want to post it to the web they “save as web page” and then upload it through the web admin page I developed with PHP. Their spreadsheets are automatically saved and displayed on their site in an HTML “iframe”. This allows the election data to integrate seamlessly within their site, wrapped in the site header and footer.

This is the official site for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. I completely revamped the image processing PHP code. The sheriff’s office staff upload jpeg images to the site, but the problem was the images can be several megabytes in size, and even though they display as thumbnails, the full sized images were being sent to the browser, causing slow load times. To correct this I used functions in the PHP GD library to resize the images. The resized images are stored in one directory, and the full size images are stored in another directory. Result: the web page loads the thumbnail images and comes up much faster. And now, if a visitor clicks on a thumbnail the application retrieves the full size image to the browser.

This is a church web site I built from WordPress and Artisteer. It features a very nice calendar plugin. Also I used some JavaScript to randomly rotate the images in the sidebar to make the site more interesting on repeat visits.  The site, like most sites I design, has a custom favicon.

This is a commercial site I designed for an internet service provider in Oregon County, MO. It is based on WordPress and styled with Artisteer 2.