Welcome to my portfolio!


I design websites and build custom database applications.  Please visit my  Samples Page to see some of the websites I’ve created.  If you’re looking for an experienced and responsive web professional for a reasonable price you’ve come to the right place!  Please contact me about your project.  I enjoy sharing ideas and offering recommendations on how to complete your objectives in a cost-effective way.  My goal is to help you enhance and expand your business, and make you look good on the web.  Working with your vision and design ideas,  I’ll provide technical expertise to bring your project to life!

How I build websites

With so many tools available today for creating websites, my preference is to build with WordPress – an open source blog publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL.  WordPress is highly customizable and works very well for practically any website, even those with relatively static content. The real beauty of WordPress is in the thousands of plugins available which add to it’s core functionality. E-commerce, classified ads, photo galleries, contact forms, enhanced security, RSS feeds, SEO, ad management…  Last I checked there were 10,025 plugins available for WordPress!  I’ve also worked extensively with Joomla, another great open-source website content management system that has features similar to WordPress.

The default themes for WordPress look quite good, however there are many free and premium themes available to give your site a unique style.  I’ve designed several websites with the Suffusion and Customizr themes for WordPress.  These are both great foundations and allow a wide variety of customizations for getting just the look you want.

Other tools I use are image editors like PhotoShop and GIMP.  With these editors I customize headers, logos, photographs, and other design elements to give sites a distinctive look and personality.

These are some of the techniques I use to quickly create attractive and informative websites!

Programming And Databases

I enjoy website design, but for me the most exciting and satisfying aspect of my business is creating PHP driven database applications.  As with website design, there are many tools available to make the development process faster and easier.  I have developed a great free and open source programmers tool: MySqlGrid.  I’ve used MySqlGrid on many projects to quickly create useful and user friendly data-grids.

“Web Application Frameworks” are among the most productive tools in a programmer’s arsenal.  Most applications, especially those that interact with a database, have many features and functions in common.  With frameworks many of these features and functions are generated automatically,  so a programmer doesn’t need to duplicate these same coding structures for every project.  In essence,  the programmer doesn’t need to “reinvent the wheel” for many typical components of a new project.  The result is that applications can be developed more quickly and with a richer set of features.  Using frameworks also helps ensure higher reliability.

There are several popular PHP Frameworks to choose from.  My current favorite is the excellent and open source “Yii Framework“.  When building a PHP/MySQL application using the Yii Framework I first create relational database tables to support the data requirements of the project.  Next I use Yii to generate the base PHP code from the structure of the database.  Then I customize the code to fit the exact needs of the application.